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Change your thinking, change your life!

42-11 155th Street - Flushing, NY 11355
Telephone(718) 353-5887 - Dial-A-Blessing (718) 353-5908
Email: unityflushing@aol.com

A member of the Association of Unity Churches Affiliated with Unity School of Christianity: Publisher of the Daily Word.




Vision Statement

Our vision is an active, loving, financially supportive membership, committed to experiencing dynamic spiritual growth.

Mission Statement

Unity Center of Flushing creates a safe environment that encourages people to discover and express their indwelling God Spirit.

Special Prayer

Divine order is now established and maintained in every phase of this ministry through the activity of the Christ. The mark of success us now upon us!

Thank you, GOD!


Sunday Service 11:00 AM

Yes, Life can become a thrilling adventure! Each of us is a unique spiritual creation, a divine orginal with a God-given spark capable of becoming a channel for God's love. We wish to arouse your curiosity about your spiritual nature.

We use Bible teachings in our services interperted metaphysically for everyday living, in order to create a more productive life for ourselves.

Sunday School 
Our Sunday School is a safe and loving place where young people can discover their God-Self and share with others.

Fellowship Hour
Follows our Sunday Services with coffee and refreshments served.